Friendships are fickle

Well yesterday I made the mistake of telling my long time friend of 35 years I practice ballet. It wasn’t that I volunteered the information but succumbed to months of hounding by him. After I told him via text I was the lucky recipient of an evening of being called gay, a fairy, and twinkle ¬†toes along with animations of lipstick and bows and whatnot. This, now, ex-friend is a huge NFL fan and knows that footballers practice ballet and is OK with it. So how is it that footballers who pat eachother on the butt, wearing padded tights can practice ballet and NOT be gay, but anyone else, including ballet dancers, are??? I don’t get it…



Halloween Ballet class

I LOVE dressing in a tunic and tights and it’s been a long time since Ive worn a tunic. Last Wednesday we had a class where I got to wear my white tunic with my pair of black tights while the ladies in my class donned tutus over their leotards. Wondering if anyone else had a Halloween ballet class last week…